A Little Down Time After Falling Down

I should really get new tools and equipment. I was using an old wooden ladder to do some work around my home, and one of the rungs of the ladder broke, causing me to fall off the ladder. I landed right on my back, and even though it wasn’t from a tall height, I was still have enough to injure myself to the point where I would need to get chiropractic treatment. I was barely able to get back inside the house to find a chiropractor, and getting into the car to drive to him was painful.

If I had been really thinking, I would have taken some aspirin after the accident so I wouldn’t have been in as much pain. Once I got to the chiropractor, I was given an examination. I was scared that I had broken something, or that something had become misaligned in the fall. I wasn’t prepared to pay for any kind of back surgery. Luckily for me, nothing was misaligned or broken. (more…)

I Changed My Mind About My Tattoo As the Years Went by

It took me a couple of hours or so over about four or five sessions to get my tattoo outlined, shaded and filled with color. Maybe about 10 hours of work altogether. Then it took much longer for it to be removed. When I was younger, my attitude was not what you might say was the best. I have changed. I did not want my tattoo any longer. Its words and images were not representative of who I had become. I went to a clinic for the aesthetic in Singapore to have it removed. It is not an overnight process.

My tattoo was removed kind of like it was put on. They took it off a little at a time. Then, my skin needed to heal to go onto the next phase. The goal is to minimize any scarring. You don’t want a laser-induced scar outline of your old tattoo, so you should go to a clinic for the aesthetic in Singapore that really knows what they are doing when it comes to tattoo removal. Some pigments are more durable on the skin than others. Some tattoos are deeper in your flesh than others. (more…)

The Fresh New Look of the New Futura in Singapore

I like living up high in buildings. Most of the people I know actually seem to prefer a lower floor in a building. There is that innate security thing about being able to get out if something should happen. For some reason, I prefer the higher spots. I have always climbed trees and rocks and ladders and never had a fear of heights. I feel surefooted walking on a narrow beam up high. It doesn’t bother me. The New Futura towers at http://www.thenewfuturacondo.com.sg are not really tall buildings, but they are appropriately high enough in the sky to match the other city buildings around them. I liked the architectural design of them so much that I inquired about getting one of the two penthouses that were available. I surely would have liked to have been able to get one.

The buildings have such a unique look to them. All around are your common skyscraper kind of structures you might see in any modern city, and the New Futura stands alone in its look. It really made getting a penthouse condo there all the more appealing. (more…)

New Futura is Going to Be Our Future Home

It did not take more than one look at the Singapore New Futura condo development to know that it was quite possibly my future home. I love looking at new places being built, and I usually take my time looking at all the positives while trying to distract myself from the negatives. That is the sad part of it, because while every new development has nice things about it, they also have some pretty negative things about it too. Overcrowding, bad location, not enough amenities, poor floor designs, and other things can really be hard to ignore.

When I looked at New Futura though, I had to actually start looking for negative things rather than ignore them. I was not able to find a single thing that I did not like about this development, and that is honestly the first time that has ever happened to me. (more…)

Things Got Pretty Lively at Work Today

Obviously if you like your job, then you are best off leaving your politics on the other side of the door. There really is not too much to be gained by that in these days, especially when divisiveness is the stock and trade of our politicians. At any rate it was the trump news feed that started this, specifically the news from Charlottesville. We have this one guy there, and all politics aside he is a loudmouth jerk, to put it as nicely as I can. No one likes the man and he seems to make no effort to change that, in fact it seems as though he is determined to make it even worse if that is even possible. This might be the end of it I think though, even though the boss is a Republican too. That is a different thing though. (more…)