I Changed My Mind About My Tattoo As the Years Went by

It took me a couple of hours or so over about four or five sessions to get my tattoo outlined, shaded and filled with color. Maybe about 10 hours of work altogether. Then it took much longer for it to be removed. When I was younger, my attitude was not what you might say was the best. I have changed. I did not want my tattoo any longer. Its words and images were not representative of who I had become. I went to a clinic for the aesthetic in Singapore to have it removed. It is not an overnight process.

My tattoo was removed kind of like it was put on. They took it off a little at a time. Then, my skin needed to heal to go onto the next phase. The goal is to minimize any scarring. You don’t want a laser-induced scar outline of your old tattoo, so you should go to a clinic for the aesthetic in Singapore that really knows what they are doing when it comes to tattoo removal. Some pigments are more durable on the skin than others. Some tattoos are deeper in your flesh than others. I did not want mine because of what it represented, which was not who I had become as a man. Some folks want ugly tattoos removed. Some inks will migrate over time making even a super-looking tattoo end up looking like a faded mess of colors that have bled into each other.

I don’t know what actually started the tattoo craze, but I regret being a part of it. Sure, you can do what you want. However, you should be certain of what you are getting put on your skin, and you should realize that as you get older the tattoo will fade and colors will run together. They don’t stay crisp and clean forever. Look at any older person who got a tattoo in their younger years to see what I mean.