New Futura is Going to Be Our Future Home

It did not take more than one look at the Singapore New Futura condo development to know that it was quite possibly my future home. I love looking at new places being built, and I usually take my time looking at all the positives while trying to distract myself from the negatives. That is the sad part of it, because while every new development has nice things about it, they also have some pretty negative things about it too. Overcrowding, bad location, not enough amenities, poor floor designs, and other things can really be hard to ignore.

When I looked at New Futura though, I had to actually start looking for negative things rather than ignore them. I was not able to find a single thing that I did not like about this development, and that is honestly the first time that has ever happened to me. The location could not be more perfect, as it is just about a ten minute drive to where I work. Considering my drive now is over twice that, I’d say that is a big win for me. There were many other advantages too, which got the entire family excited.

My wife and I have three children, and the school district they are in right now is not the best. Thankfully, my wife is a stay at home mom, and she is able to do a lot of homeschooling with them to complement their actual schooling, so they are beyond where their classmates are. That won’t be a problem with the schools in this area because they are all superior to where the kids go right now. The units are super nice too, and much bigger than where we are now. This is definitely going to be our future home, and we are all just counting down the days until it happens.