The Fresh New Look of the New Futura in Singapore

I like living up high in buildings. Most of the people I know actually seem to prefer a lower floor in a building. There is that innate security thing about being able to get out if something should happen. For some reason, I prefer the higher spots. I have always climbed trees and rocks and ladders and never had a fear of heights. I feel surefooted walking on a narrow beam up high. It doesn’t bother me. The New Futura towers at are not really tall buildings, but they are appropriately high enough in the sky to match the other city buildings around them. I liked the architectural design of them so much that I inquired about getting one of the two penthouses that were available. I surely would have liked to have been able to get one.

The buildings have such a unique look to them. All around are your common skyscraper kind of structures you might see in any modern city, and the New Futura stands alone in its look. It really made getting a penthouse condo there all the more appealing. The developers used an architect that designed the look of the towers to resemble lanterns. It is quite a striking look, especially at night. This is the type of building you would naturally associate with being located on the island nation of Singapore. Some of the other buildings look like transplants straight out of New York or Chicago. These condos have a look that Singapore could possibly brand. I like it a lot.

I was not able to get either penthouse condo at New Futura. I should have gotten in on the project much earlier than I did. I looked into investing in some of the other available condos in the building, but not for me to live there. I just have too much of a desire to have the top floor of a place. However, this fresh new look and amenities of the condo towers sure keep drawing me back.