Things Got Pretty Lively at Work Today

Obviously if you like your job, then you are best off leaving your politics on the other side of the door. There really is not too much to be gained by that in these days, especially when divisiveness is the stock and trade of our politicians. At any rate it was the trump news feed that started this, specifically the news from Charlottesville. We have this one guy there, and all politics aside he is a loudmouth jerk, to put it as nicely as I can. No one likes the man and he seems to make no effort to change that, in fact it seems as though he is determined to make it even worse if that is even possible. This might be the end of it I think though, even though the boss is a Republican too. That is a different thing though. It is not even the same in this case.

My boss is the sort of Republican who wants to pay less tax and he wants to have the government leave him alone. He never told me this, but from the way that he talks I am quite sure that he either voted for Clinton or he did not vote for president at all. He told me that he intended to write in Felix the Cat, which is an old cartoon character for those too young to know. This other guy seems to be in the boat with these right wing people that just seem to have a grievance against everyone that does not look like him. This lady got tired of his crap. He got in her face and she hit him with her purse. I do not know what she had in that purse, but it made a real impact. He did not look as though he was still there afterwards.