You Can’t Beat Living on the Beach

With apartments for Boston area, you can’t beat living near the beach. It’s funny because when I tell my friends or family that I live in Boston, actually near the city, and have access to the oldest public beach in the country, they laugh and think I’m pulling their legs. But it’s true. You can have a beach lifestyle and not live in California, Florida, or Hawaii. I’m not knocking those places, I’m just saying it’s entirely doable and you don’t have to move to tropical climes to accomplish it. I’m doing it right here in Beantown.

Of course, I make enough money to live in a pretty luxurious spread. Boston living isn’t cheap, and that’s doubly true for luxury apartment living. I make well into six figures and can afford to live in a nice place. All of my neighbors make a mint too. You won’t find any Southies living near the beach in Boston. I do see them hanging around the area flirting with the beautiful girls though. That’s one of the benefits of living here though: you get meet and see a lot of people from all over the city. They like coming into this area and partying.

I think my favorite thing to do is walk from my apartment at night and stroll down to the water’s edge. It’s enchanting, especially on nights when the moon is full and it’s just you and your thoughts on the beach. When I’m feeling more social I can just walk out the front door of the building and meet folks or just watch people strolling by. The close proximity to restaurants, bars, and shopping centers makes living here well worth the cost of the rent. I strongly suspect that I’m going to be living here as a long as possible because I love the atmosphere.